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Ideal Ertl Collectibles 1:64 International Harvester 1486 Tri-Stripe Tractor - Get It Now!

As one of Ertl Collectibles great innovation, I am convinced just how this Ertl Collectibles 1:64 International Harvester 1486 Tri Stripe Tractor may satisfy their customers, especially the person who search for high-quality Toys And Games product. Even more, let us carry on and examine all essential aspects concerning this product, from the standard information such as product characteristics, product description, etc, until the information regarding the best price tag available and any available discount; simply by applying our special link listed here.

Additionally, the product dimension is as this; 2.50 inches in length,in width, 2.00 inches in height, withtotal weight before packed. Make sure you use these information alongside the previous product illustrations above and then have better insight regarding the product actual dimension and proportion.

According to the Ertl Collectibles, the color options designed for this product is Blue, yet ensure that you also look at the product website in order to find if there is any updated color offered. Go here for even more available colors

Getting through a unknown vendor means that you must take a attentive precaution by simply performing small study on the company before making any transaction. It can be the key step to ensure that your transactions safety. It will likely be much better to seek for any objection which is set to the manufacturer if perhaps exist, reviewing the Better Business Bureau review or setting up a straight inquiry on the seller as an alternative to verify their responses.

Do not have sufficient time to check-out today? Don't worry; just use the add-to-cart function below by pushing the Buy Button. Through this feature you can always keep this deals posted onto your basket to avoid searching for the product for a second time. It is also very easy to delete it from your shopping cart in case you no more engaged.


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